How to Buy

Participation in the auction implies full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale published in the auction catalogue and on the website of GREGORY’S Casa d’Aste sas di Samarro Francesca & C. (hereinafter referred to as Gregory’s).

There follows a key to the terminology used for attribution

ARTIST NAME: in our opinion, a work by the named artist.

ATTRIBUTED TO: in our opinion, the work of the named artist, but with a certain degree of doubt.

WORKSHOP / SCHOOL OF: a work by an unnamed artist working within a named artist’s workshop and created to a greater or lesser degree under the guidance of that artist.

CIRCLE OF: in our opinion, a work created by an unidentified person with characteristics that can be associated with the artist in question, possibly a student of the artist.

IN THE STYLE OF \ A FOLLOWER OF: a work by a painter working in the same style as the artist in question, possibly  a student or a contemporary or near contemporary of the artist in question.

IN THE MANNER OF: a work created in the style of the artist in question but in a later era.

AFTER: copy of a known painting by the artist.

IN STYLE: a work created in the given style but in a later era.

1. The terms signed and/or dated and/or inscribed refer to information provided by the artist’s own hand.

2. The terms bearing the signature and/or date and/or inscription, mean that, in our opinion, the above information seems to have been added at a later date or by another hand.

3. The size quoted for paintings gives firstly the height and then the width.

4. Paintings are understood to be framed unless otherwise stated.


Every auction is preceded by a viewing at which buyers can see the lots, ascertain their authenticity and check their state of preservation. Our sale-room personnel and experts are at your service for any clarification. If you are unable to view the works in person you may ask us to send you some digital photographs of the lots you are interested in, together with an information sheet giving details of their state of preservation. This information reflects our opinion alone and no employee or consultant of Gregory’s may be held responsible for any errors or omissions contained therein.


The reserve price is the minimum sum agreed confidentially with the seller. It may be lower than, equal to or higher than the estimate given in the catalogue. If the reserve price is not reached, the lot is deemed unsold and will be withdrawn from the auction.


The descriptions in the auction catalogue give the era and provenance of individual items and their state of preservation, and they reflect the opinion of our experts.


The estimate given on the information sheet for each item reflect the valuation assigned by our experts to each lot.


The minimum bid is the starting figure for the auction and this is normally lower than the minimum estimate.


Sale room bids are usually incremented by about 10%, but this may vary at the discretion of the auctioneer.


The hammer price is the price at which the lot is sold when the hammer drops. The buyer has to add to this the buyer’s premium of 25% up to €300,000, and 20% on sums above that. Internet surcharge is 2% for all systems excluding Gregory’s own live auction system, connected to Gregorys web site (


All potential buyers wishing to gain access to auction rooms are required to register by filling in a  partecipation form showing an identity document and, before the auction starts, equipping themselves with a paddle with a personal number for making bids. Anyone unable to attend in person may make use of our written and telephone bidding service. Because this service is free, Gregory’s cannot be held responsible for bids accidentally not submitted or for errors in submitting any such bids. New buyers must provide adequate bank references in the form of an introductory letter from their bank, addressed to Gregory’s Casa d’Aste, Via San Vitale, 13 – 40125 Bologna.


In order to place written or telephone bids, potential buyers must fill in the Bidding Form published in every catalogue or that can be downloaded from our website then send it in by fax to +39 051 234274 or by e-mail to at least 5 hours before the auction starts. Bids must be made in euro and net of the buyer’s premium and any taxes required by current legislation.

Written bids will be submitted on behalf of the bidder at the minimum possible price, taking into account the reserve price and the other bids. Telephone bids will be handled by Gregory’s and are dependent on the availability of lines and such bids may only be made for lots with a minimum estimate of at least 300 euro. Telephone calls during the auction may be recorded. Potential buyers linked by telephone consent to having their conversations recorded.


Buyers must pay for all the lots they buy by:

A) Cash for sums below 5.000,00 euro
B) Bank transfer made out to GREGORY’S Casa d’Aste sas di Samarro Francesca & C.: Banco Popolare (fil. Ozzano dell’Emilia) IBAN: IT16C0503437070000000004422 SWIFT-BIC: BAPPIT21507


Buyers must collect the lots they have bought within 10 working days of the date of sale. Once this time has elapsed, Gregory’s will not be required to keep nor accept any responsibility for any damage that may occur to the lots. Gregory’s will charge buyers for insurance and storage costs (126,00 euro / week). When a lot is collected, the buyer must provide Gregory’s with an identity document. If the buyer appoints a third party to collect a lot that has already been paid for, the appointed person must have the written authorisation of the buyer and a photocopy of the buyer’s identity document. Lots will only be handed over to the buyer or his/her appointee once payment has been made.


Italian Legislative Decree 42 of 22 January 2004 regulates the export of cultural heritage goods to areas outside the territory of the Republic of Italy. EEC Regulation 3911/92 of 9 December 1992, as amended by EEC Regulation 2469/96 of 16 December 1996 and by EEC Regulation 974/01 of 14 May 2001, regulates the export of cultural goods outside the European Union. In order to export from Italy any cultural goods over 50 years old, buyers are required to obtain an export licence, which must be obtained in person. Gregory’s bears no responsibility for such licences, nor can we guarantee their issue.