19th and 20th Century Paintings

At Gregory’s we always had, and still cultivates, a great passion for 19th and 20th century painting. The goal of department is to become the feather in our auction house’s cap, dealing with all of the artistic and pictorial production, especially Italian and international. Collecting 19th and 20th century paintings has always been a thriving business, and it is still going strong: this is why these artworks are always given pride of place in our auctions.

An outstanding lot was Fausto Zonaro’s masterpiece called “Viaggiando sul Bosforo”, sold for over 167,000.00 € and displayed at the exhibition ‘FAUSTO ZONARO – vita e luce tra fasti Ottomani e Belle Époque Italiana’, which was held in Florence in April 2015.

19th and 20th Century Paintings Department Top Lots