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Silverware Auctions

The Silver Auction Department of Gregory’s offers a wide variety of antique and modern silverware, ranging from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. In Gregory’s catalogs, you can find significant pieces of Italian, Russian, and English silverware, both for household and sacred use, as well as rare and precious silver items from private collections. Regarding sacred objects, the department mainly deals with icons with riza from the Russian region, but also chalices, monstrances, reliquaries, and crucifixes. In the realm of household silverware, the offerings vary from large cutlery sets to candelabra and coffee services.

Gregory’s Silver Auctions Gregory’s silver auctions, highly esteemed, have consistently achieved great results and excellent sales percentages. Among the top lots, one should note a magnificent centerpiece with nymphs and fish, boasting international taste, dating back to the late 19th century Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was sold at auction for over €28,000.

Another significant sale was that of a large 20th-century silver vase from Alessandria, embossed with branches of leaves and shells, adorned with floral and foliate decorations, and featuring a circular base with four wild beast heads, which reached €4,464.00.

Furthermore, worth mentioning is the sale of a rare pair of seven-light silver candelabra from the 1960s, which fetched a satisfying sum of over €4,000.

Moving back to the 18th century, an era that offers precious collectible silver, a rare embossed silver coffee pot with the hallmarks of the Republic of Venice stands out.

The department’s strength lies in the high quality of the silver items it handles, often coming from important families or bearing the signatures of renowned names like Stefani, a historic silversmith from Bologna. Two splendid silver high reliefs, embossed and hammered, with polychrome enamels depicting “Allegory of Autumn” and “Allegory of Spring,” serve as examples.

Silver Department Top Lots