Gregory’s E-Auctions

aste online

The new E-auction system differs from the traditional auction in that all bids and sales resulting from them take place exclusively online. You can access the reserved area of our website and place bids for the lots you are interested in at any time and from any place. To take part in our timed auctions, you need to fill in the registration form for access to the reserved area. If you are already a registered user of our system, there is no need to re-register, just enter your existing username and password. During the auction you will be able to see the price achieved by each lot and, if you wish, you can raise your bid. The auction is time-limited and once the set time has elapsed, the lot will be sold to the highest bidder.

For the entire duration of the E-auction, it is possible to view the lots at our showroom at Via San Vitale, 13 – Bologna. It is also possible to bid by fax, telephone or e-mail up to the day before the auction expiry date.