Auction of old masters

The department of Old Masters offers works by renowned Masters and the most famous Italian and European Art Schools, ranging from the 13th to the 18th century, from the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism.

The extensive and diverse auction catalog includes genre scenes, works with historical and mythological scenes, depictions of religious subjects, landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Antique paintings from various stylistic periods such as Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, and Classicism are represented.

The works are selected following a careful historical and artistic evaluation that emphasizes the quality of execution, aesthetic appeal, and variety of subjects.

The field of antique paintings attracts a diverse audience of art enthusiasts and collectors who can rely on Gregory’s solid experience and the advice of authoritative and recognized experts in the field to meet all their needs for appraisal, purchase, and sale of artworks or entire collections.

Among the standout achievements is “View of the Basin of San Marco,” a work by Francesco Tironi (1745 – 1797), sold in June 2018 for €64,480.

Notable among the sought-after antique paintings are the marvelous “Portrait of a Young Sultan,” an oil painting from the 17th century that reached €34,440 in auction, and “The Courtship,” a work from the School of Caravaggio, auctioned for €24,180.

The antique painting catalogs feature well-known Italian artists such as Girolamo Donnini (1681 – 1743), whose splendid oil on canvas “Selene and Endymion” realized €31,980.

Among the great European Masters, we can mention Claude Joseph Vernet (1714 – 1789), whose painting “Stormy Seascape” reached €21,080, while “Marines with Figures,” a pair of antique paintings attributed to Vernet, achieved €29,760.

Special attention is given to the drawings sector, encompassing works by past masters and high-quality schools.

Gregory’s caters to enthusiasts, collectors, connoisseurs, architects, and decorators in search of unique and rare pieces, famous works, or unpublished paintings.

At the same time, the Bologna Auction House represents a valuable opportunity to enhance one’s own artwork or an entire collection of antique paintings, maximizing profit through auction sales or private negotiations.

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