Artworks deliver

We address all art and exceptional objects enthusiasts to inform you that we are dedicating ourselves to collecting consignments for our upcoming auctions.

This invitation is extended to all those interested in selling their assets: an Italian and international audience participates in our events, where works of art, furnishings, and design are auctioned. Whether you are seasoned collectors or newcomers, through the auction, you can enhance the value of your properties while also exploring the world of art. Each object, each painting, and every artwork tells a story that can be spread and shared worldwide through the auction.

Our experts, knowledgeable and passionate, provide free and confidential evaluations of individual works and entire collections, and our team is always available to provide further information and assistance.

You can find our contact information on the CONTACT page of our website: you can reach us at phone by calling +39 051 2960945 or via email at


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The catalogue of our next auction will be available soon